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First of all, now know about 305-800-TEES, your one stop shop for screen printing in Miami

As the old saying goes, knowing is half the battle.
We have a wide variety of design options and materials, which means you can create customized prints that perfectly reflect your brand or personal style.
Additionally, 305-800-TEES offers fast turnaround times and affordable pricing, so you can get high-quality prints without breaking the bank. Finally, by working with 305-800-Tees for your screen printing in Miami, you can establish a relationship with a reliable and trustworthy partner who can help you with all your printing needs in the future.

1st, let’s properly define what screen printing is.

Screen printing is a printing method where ink is pressed through a stencil or mesh screen onto a surface, such as paper or fabric. The stencil blocks the areas that are not part of the design, allowing the ink only to go where it’s intended. This technique is often used to print t-shirts, apparel, and promotional items. It’s a versatile and cost-effective method for creating bold colors or unique graphic designs on clothing. It is one of the most durable or long-lasting printing methods for tee shirts.

Screen Printing in Miami: The Benefits of Choosing 305-800-TEES

If you’re looking for high-quality screen printing services in Miami, you have plenty of options. However, not all screen printing companies are created equal, and finding a partner who can deliver the results you need at an affordable price is significant. And most important, doing so reliably!

One of the best reasons to choose 305-800-TEES as a partner for your screen printing in Miami is convenience.
When you work with our Miami-based team, you will get hands-on, personalized service and be able to discuss your project, check out samples, and get a feel for their process.
This level of personal interaction ensures you get exactly what you want. Premium Screen Printing In Miami

Another key benefit of working with 305-800-TEES is access to a wide range of design options and premium shells.

Whether you need custom t-shirts, hoodies, sweatpants or sweatshirts, 305800tees is a screen printing company with the tools and expertise to create something unique and eye-catching that perfectly reflects your brand or personal style.

Of course, price is also an essential factor when choosing a screen printing service in Miami.
We always say, “You get what you pay for.”
In our extensive market research, we found that many local companies offer competitive pricing, but 96% of the time, they either sacrifice quality or have delays in turnaround times. Unfortunately, Miami is not always the most service-driven city.
By working with 305-800-TEES, you can save money on shipping and other expenses associated with working with an out-of-town printer. Most importantly, get the knowledgeable and premium hands-on service our customers have grown to love.

In short, if you’re looking for screen printing services in Miami, choosing 305-800-TEEs is the smartest choice. You can get the results you need without breaking the bank with access to a great design team with many creative options, fast turnaround times, and affordable pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. What is the average turnaround time for screen-printed apparel?

Ans: The average turnaround time for an order is 4-5 business days.

However, Rush services are available for certain jobs.

Q2. How big can the printable be?

Ans: The Max screen size is 14″ wide x 15,75″ wide. 

For Kids and Infant sized screen printing the Max Width is 6″

For Sports bras the max screen size is: 4″ wide x 2.8″ high

Q3. How long does it take for design service?

Ans: Our premium inks and screen printing quality are known to last longer than the fabric itself. We always recommend washing and hanging to dry. The dryer always puts extra wear and tear on clothing.

Q4. Can I use iron on screen printed designs?

Ans: It’s never recommended to iron screen prints directly.

Our founder always suggests a light mist of water from a spray bottle to defeat wrinkles. 

If you need to iron a screen-printed product, always use Light heat and only from the inside of the garment.

So why wait? Message us below today and find out why we are the perfect screen printing partner in Miami for your next project. You can also check us out on twitter.

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